Your Digital Therapeutic is just a few clicks away.

Digital Therapeutic built by Zendra Health platform next to Zendra's Admin Dashboard.

Improve the patient experience and optimise clinic operations in 4 simple steps.

Build your Digital Therapeutic in four easy steps. Design. Build. Launch. Insights.
Step 1 - Design
Being a medical-grade software provider, Zendra Health takes User Experience Design seriously.
At Zendra, we collaborate with our clients in designing and wireframing the Digital Therapuetic to ensure it's optimised for your care pathway.
Step 2 - Build
Choose your template
The Zendra Health platform's Admin Dashboard provides persona-driven templates to facilitate rapid medical-grade app development that is suitable for a wide variety of medical fields.
Add your content
Swiftly build your Digital Therapeutic using a broad range of building blocks provided on the Zendra Health platform.
Feedback from key stakeholders on your Digital Therapeutic can be instantly updated through the Admin Dashboard.
Step 3 - Launch
Zendra Health are firm believers that a digital health solution should fit seamlessly into our client's workflow.
Zendra Health help with training and marketing materials to ease the onboarding process of the Digital Therapeutic in your clinic.
Zendra handles the publishing of the Digital Therapeutic.
Given our platform is compliant with medical device regulatory standards ISO 13485:2016 and IEC 62304:2018, we can provide the medical device history records as part of the project deliverable which you can leverage for medical device classification.
Zendra launches the Digital Therapeutic for you.
Use Zendra's Admin Dashboard to gain visibility of patient progress outside the four walls of a clinic and track patient app engagement and referrals.
Gain insights from

Would you like to improve the patient experience and optimise patient workflow at your clinic?