Zendra Health in partnership with St Luke's Residential Care Cork are piloting a mobile-based Digital Companion that will provide you with additional supports at your fingertips to help you throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zendra Health in partnership with St Luke's Residential Care Cork welcomes you the St Luke's Staff Care app.

The app allows Nursing Home staff to:
  • Reduce risk of further outbreaks through Self-Screen smart assessments.
  • Access educational materials on COVID-19, PPE, and response protocols.
  • Manage their mental wellbeing.
  • Rapidly triage any potential outbreaks effectively


Perform daily COVID-19 smart self-assessments that provides you with recommended feedback from the comfort of your own smartphone.

COVID-19 smart self-assessment being completed.

Tailor-made for your lifestyle

Are you an early bird or night owl? Choose when you receive self-screening notifications to suit your daily routine.

Customise the time you receive notifications.


Have peace of mind knowing that all of the educational materials that you need are at the palm of your hand. From COVID-19, PPE, Hand Hygiene, frequently asked questions and much more.

St Luke's Staff Care app comes with a broad range of rich educational materials..


You are awesome at what you do. St Luke's are there for you through thick and thin. The Staff Care app provides additional resources to help maintain your mental wellbeing during these troubled times.

Display of available wellbeing features on the St Luke's Staff Care Digital Health app.


You are never alone with the St Luke's Staff Care app providing you with the contacts and supports you need at a touch of a button.

St Luke's contacts are a click away to enable swifter intervention of a potential COVID-10 infection


All information collected by the app is completely anonymous. No personal information is stored. Zendra Health are one of the select few software companies who build secure medical-grade software.

Patient view of an app Survey co-developed using the Zendra Health platform.

How we made the app.

From app design to launch, it took just 5 days to roll out the St Luke's Staff Care app.

The app was built in 3 easy steps.
Step 1 - Design
Being a medical-grade software provider, Zendra Health takes User Experience Design seriously.
Zendra and St Luke's spent 2 days designing, gathering resource materials and wireframing the St Luke's Staff Care app that would provide intuitive support tools to help its staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Step 2 - Build
Choose your template
The Zendra Health Platform provides persona-driven templates to facilitate rapid medical-grade app development that is suitable for a wide variety of medical fields, including Nursing Homes.
Add your content
Zendra Health and St Luke's swiftly built the Staff Care app using a broad range of building blocks provided on the Zendra Health platform.
Any feedback from St Luke's staff was immediately incorporated into the app.
Step 3 - Launch
Zendra Health are firm believers that a digital health solution should fit seamlessly into our client's workflow.
We assisted St Luke's Residential Care Cork with training and marketing materials to ease the Staff Care app onboarding process.
Zendra Health handled the publishing of St Luke's Staff Care app.
Zendra Health handles the launch for the app for you.

Would you like to help mitigate COVID-19 at your Nursing Home?