Centralise Communication. Prevent Staff Burnout. Improve Staff Training. Through a Personalised Staff Companion App. In Just a Few Clicks.

Some of our many Customers

Saint Joseph's Shankill
Brymore House & Howth Hill lodge
St Luke's Residential Care

Customer Testimonals

Jaison John - SignaCare - Director of Nursing
Jaison John
Director of Nursing
Elaine Byrne - Saint Joseph's Shankill - Services Manager.
Elaine Brynre
Services Manager

Do any of these problems sound familiar to your Organisation?

Educational & Training materials for Staff are fragmented
Staff communication confusing
"There are too many channels of communication, my Staff find it confusing."
Spending too much time curating information for Staff.
Too much time curating materials for Staff
"I find it hard to keep my Staff updated on new Response Protocols."
Concerned about the Wellbeing of your Staff.
Staff stressed
"My Staff have been working in a stressful environment recently. I wish I could provide more support."

Solve these problems with a personalised Staff Care App

A one-stop tool that consolidates Training, Support & Wellbeing in the palm of Staff's hands

Dashboard of Staff Care app.

Personalise content and push important information to the right team.

Use Zendra's content management system to publish content to Staff.

Send push notifications to your teams on important updates.

Curated content, all in one place.

Prevent Staff Burnout

Help Staff maintain their Wellbeing through engaging content to help combat stress and anxiety.

Use Zendra's content management system to publish Wellbeing materials to Staff.

Orgnaize virtual webinars to help co-ordinate staff training.

Help Staff Wellbeing, at the palm of their hands.

Monitor Staff Wellbeing

Use Zendra's content management system to publish Wellbeing surveys to your Staff.

Monitor Staff Wellbeing in Reports Dashboard.

Monitor Staff Wellbeing, at one place.

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