Minimize Health & Safety Risk. Boost efficiency. Improve compliance.Through Visitor Screening.

Our Customers


Do any of these problems sound familiar to your Organisation?

Visitor screening is slowing down our operations
Staff communication confusing
"There's alot of administration overhead with visitor screening. I wish it could be made more simple."
Poor visibility of visitor screening process.
Staff stressed
"I'm a manager and I'd like to gain high-level overview of the visitor screening results for the last week."
Making content updates to Visitor Screening is cumbersome
Too much time curating materials for Staff
"I'd like to update the Visitor Screening process but it's hard to make any modifications to it."

Solve these problems with Visitor Screening

A one-stop tool that simplifies Visitor Screening, all at the palm of your hands.

Monitor Visitor Screening

Monitor Visitor Screening from one place.

Use Zendra's content management system to customise Visitor Screening surveys.

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