Use Cases


Our team have built Digital Health apps for world-renowned healthcare institutions so we know how build secure, effective and engaging Digital Health solutions.
Here are some of the many innovative use cases that the Zendra Health platform can provide in Healthcare.

Patient Education

Paperless Educational Materials

Problem: According to a study by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, patients retain only 20-40% of information given to them by healthcare practitioners.
Solution: Build a branded educational app using Zenda Health that enables patients to repeatedly refer to highly curated and engaging educational content.
Outcomes: Improved patient education, reduced costs, easier maintenance, eco-friendlier and increased brand awareness.
Paperless educational materials dashboard containing rich media content such as video, news feeds, text, websites to educate patients. Electronic educational materials video demonstrating recommened exercises to do for cancer patients

Operative Care

Anterior Cruciate Ligament repair surgery

Problem: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery in the U.K. costs the NHS in total £60 million per year.
Solution: Provide operative care educational materials and follow-up programs for patients undergoing ACL surgery using Zendra Health.
Studies show that the use of mobile apps for monitoring post-operative recovery is feasible and acceptable to patients and surgeons.
Outcomes: Reduced burden on patients, more efficient outpatient services, reduced costs and improved patient care.
Health app containing activities such as surveys, mood tracking and exercise videos to help patients recover after a Anterior Cruciate Ligament repair surgery. Follow-up post-operative survey after a Anterior Cruciate Ligament repair surgery.

Digital Care Pathway for Chronic Disease


Problem: 12% of all GP visits in England are caused by Hypertension.
Solution: Provide a Digital Care Pathway using Zendra Health that empowers at risk patient's to self-manage their condition in the comfort of their own home. Caregivers can remotely monitor patient health using the power of wearable devices and Zendra Health's platform.
The use of remote monitoring was as effective as the standard office care for reducing blood pressure with comparable safety and effectiveness in hypertensive patients.
Outcomes: Reduced burden on patients, enhanced patient empowerment, improved health outcomes, reduced costs and a more holistic care offering.
App dashboard that allows patient's who suffer from hypertension manage their condition, complete surveys, view their activity and track their mood. Enable patients to do a 6 minute walk test using their own smartphone. Zendra Health supports many different physical assessments and it is so easy too configure.

Clinical Research

Maternity Research

Problem: Historically, pregnant women have been under-represented in research due to potential harm to the fetus.
Solution: Build a mobile research app using Zendra Health to capture longitudinal data from a diverse population of pregnant women.
The Healthy Pregnancy Research Program has shown the potential of using a mobile-based research platform for Maternity Research.
Outcomes: Improved care offering, more efficient recruitment, reach a more diverse audience and gain a better understanding of individual factors that create a healthy pregnancy.
Allow pregnant women track their wellbeing and symptoms. Educate them more about their pregnancy and gain insights into pregnancy by scheduling surveys. Track your mood using one of many of Zendra Health's Digital Health features.


Zendra Health can help Pharmaceutical companies and Contract Resource Organisations (CROs) in its journey to 'move beyond the pill' and accelerate Drug Development with it's many powerful and innovative features.

Phase II-IV Clinical Trials

Companion App for Clinical Trial

Problem: An analysis of registered trials revealed that 19% were closed or terminated early because they could not accrue enough participants. 86% of clinical trials do not reach recruitment targets within their specified time periods.
Solution: Build a Companion Study app using Zendra Health for clinical trials and reach a wider audience using the Google Play Store and App Store as the enrolment officer.
Outcome: Reduced participant burden, improved participant engagement, better medication adherence, cost-effective 24/7 data collection, more cost-effective and efficient recruitment.
Building a companion app for your Clinical Trial can help participants track their symptoms and have better medication adherence with Zendra Health's reminders feature. Participant can record their symptoms throughout the Clinical Trial. Gain timely insights into participant activity during the drug development phase.