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Mother and child, woman and Elderly Couple empowering their healthcare using Digital Health apps powered by Zendra Health
Build your Connected Health app in a few clicks, Improve health outcomes, View your app, Integrate with Wearables, In-depth Analytics

Connected Health ... just got easy!

A complete turnkey solution to build and manage Connected Health apps.

  • Save Money - Reduce health app development costs by 80%.
  • Save Time - Build your health app in minutes, not months.
  • Save Headaches - Knowing that we take care of all the tech stuff.

Begin your journey on improving health outcomes today.

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clinician, doctor, healthcare professional, pharma or CRO wanting to build a Digital Health app.

I want to build an app.

clinician, doctor, healthcare professional, pharma or CRO has a great idea to build a Digital Health app

I've got a great idea for a health app.

clinician, doctor, healthcare professional, pharma or CRO wants to know more about Zendra Health

I want to know more about Zendra Health.

Works in Healthcare, pre-operative care, post-operative care, digital care pathways for chronic disease, clinical research, informed consent

I work in healthcare.

Works Pharma, Pharmaceutical, Drug Development on Phase II, Phase II, Phase III or Phase IV Clinical Trials or other Observational Studies.

I work in pharma.

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Let's talk
So you want to build an app?
Using the Zendra Health platform, we will guide you all the way on your journey to improving health outcomes; from building a Digital Health app, getting it published to post-launch support.
Have a look at our use cases to see what Zendra Health can do for you.
Turn your idea into reality
So you've got a great health app idea but you don't know where to go next? Check out our blog which will guide you through this journey.
Zendra Health is a partner, not just a solution
About Zendra Health
Our team have built Digital Health solutions for world-renown healthcare institutions so we know how to build secure, effective and highly-engaging Digital Health solutions.
Zendra Health is a partner, not just a solution
Ready to start your project or want to know more? Chat with us now to see how we can bring your idea to life.

Built with productivity in mind.

Designed by Healthcare Professionals, for Healthcare Professionals

Configure your health app the way you want, interventional or non-interventional, it's up to you. Zendra Health provides customizable econsent flows, surveys, educational materials, news feed builders, health sensor integration.

Build your app instantly, preview and collaborate

Once you build your app using our 1-2-3 app creation guide, you can interact with it instantly on both iPhone and Android.

Real-time Monitoring and engagement

Zendra Health provides real-time in-depth metrics to track app engagement and user retention. Engage with your users using email, SMS and push notifications.

Secure Data Store

Store user health data in our GDPR and HIPAA-Compliant Zendra Health Cloud infrastructure. If that doesn't suit, we can easily set up Zendra Health within your own IT systems.

Highly Interoperable

Rest Assured that our platform will integrate in nicely to your existing Health Systems. All Health Data in our platform is stored using highly-interoperable HL7® FHIR® standard.

Cost effective

We know from experience that it takes time to get a health app built, especially if it's for both Android and iOS. Time is money. Our product reduces your time to market by 80%. Check out our Pricing to see how much time and money you can save.

It's time to put your ideas into action.